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Pharos Research produces bespoke research publications

The fundamental research team is organized by industry and uses a mosaic of primary and secondary information sources as well as standard valuation methodologies to estimate the fair equity value of listed companies. The team also carefully assesses the inflection points in industry and business cycles in order to recommend optimal sector allocation using a Model Institutional Portfolio.

Fundamental research is complemented by an array of technical research studies geared toward serving the needs of short-term traders. The technical research team offers analysis of virtually all actively traded companies on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.


Pharos Research offers bespoke research publications including daily market roundups and technical analysis reports.

  • Daily Technical Analysis

    Daily Technical Analysis

    A daily report that provides recommendations for short term traders covering both the benchmark EGX30 index and actively-traded stocks. View Example

  • Daily Market Roundup

    Daily Market Roundup

    A report released daily that outlines key market events and major news, as well as summarizing the trading, fundamental and valuation metrics of major companies. View Example

  • Company Notes

    Company Notes

    These reports, released regularly, offer in-depth analysis of listed companies and estimate their fair equity values by utilizing standard absolute and comparable methodologies. View Example

  • Market Notes

    Market Notes

    A strategic technical report that captures significant changes or announcements and how they will reflect on the market. View Example

  • Macro Notes

    Macro Notes

    Prepared to detect and outline inflection points in the business cycle, macro reports offer thoughtful forecasts of key macro-economic variables, such as economic growth, inflation and monetary policy, including interest and exchange rates. View Example

  • CBE Watch

    CBE Watch

    This product is specifically designed to project Central Bank of Egypt interest rate decisions ahead of scheduled MPC meetings. View Example


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Zamalek 11211
Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 2739-3670
Fax: +20 2 2735-0661