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Corporate Access Services

These services provide a full range of consultative services to bring together our clients, from local and international fund and asset managers, with management and teams from companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The objective is to highlight potential investment opportunities and to explore the long-term prospects for investment opportunities to support the Egyptian economy.

Pharos Holding Third Annual Investor Conference

A two-day program dedicated to uncovering pathways to investment opportunities in Egypt’s dynamic market. Egypt’s economic transformation has given way to greater market confidence, increasing momentum in foreign investment and greater economic stability. Bringing together government officials, decision makers and investors, the Pharos Holding Annual Investor Conference will give you the opportunity to meet with industry peers across 11 key sectors.

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We organize several event to bring together the right investors with the right companies:

  • Sector-specific conferences
  • Investors’ Conferences
  • Roadshows
  • Conference calls

By attending our events, we ensure our clients achieve the maximum value through the provision of:

    • In-depth analysis reports on potential investment opportunity
    • Ongoing dialogue with the corporate investor relations (IR) officer on shareholders,market trends, market perceptions and potential IR opportunities.

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