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Pharos Asset Management has undergone a major restructuring to refocus upon its historic strengths in managing fixed income / debt and equity products.

The turnaround in the performance in our equity funds has been exceptional and is a testament to the success of the changes in focus and the management and operational processes across the division, which will allow the Asset Management team to attract new inflows into existing products.

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The Pharos Asset Management team is also planning to add new products to its existing portfolio to broaden the appeal of our products to the wider market in light of the continuing deepening of the capital markets. The team will also look at offering non-traditional asset management products, in addition to continuing to offer tailored products through consultations with existing and potential clients.

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Pharos ONEOpen Ended Equity Fund (IC Price EGP 104.91 - 13/10/2019)

Open to all investors interested in the EGX, the fund is particularly suited as a proxy fund to those eager to invest but lack the investment and technical expertise to do so. It is also ideal for those who want to invest, but do not have the time to keep a close eye on the market.

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Balanced Fund

Balances equity and fixed income components of the portfolio with moderate risk exposure, providing returns with only partial exposure to the equity markets’ performance.

Fixed Income Fund

Designed to invest in government and corporate fixed income securities that pay a periodical fixed rate, it is Pharos Asset Management’s most risk averse fund.

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