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Pharos Holding is a full-service Investment Bank based in Cairo, Egypt, with a presence in Dubai as Pharos Gulf Limited regulated by the DFSA. The Group provides clients with Investment Banking, Asset Management, Securities Brokerage, Online Trading, Research, Book-keeping, and Non-Banking financial services. Founded in 2005 by the late Dr. Mohamed Taymour, a veteran of the financial services sector in Egypt, Pharos has grown to become one of the top five major investment banks in Egypt. The Group has shown a steady growth trajectory over the years, and an ability to adapt strategically to broader macroeconomic conditions, with steady leadership and a team of seasoned financial professionals.

Products and services portfolio, tailored solutions, innovative and secure trading platform, and expert advisory provides our retail clients with an offering that encompasses all their investment needs.

  • Securities Brokerage

    Services local, regional and international asset managers and institutions, as well as high net worth individuals.

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  • Pharoslive

    Explore our versatile Online Trading platform!

    Explore our versatile platform!

  • Research

    One of the pre-eminent fundamental and technical research houses in Egypt.

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  • Book-keeping

    An array of custodial services tailored to fit the needs of every single client.

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  • Asset Management

    Pharos Asset Management has grown assets, particularly in fixed income / debt and equity products, since its inception. Institutional clients account for almost all assets under management.

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  • Pride Capital

    A Partnership Between Pharos and Kamelizer

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Our local and regional institutional investors trust us with the security of their investments, based on our solid history and integrity, award winning transactions track record, the expert advice of our team, and innovative investment solutions.